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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Placed My Order...

When I go out to dinner ( on that rare occassion that doesn't involve pizza) I never relax until I place my order. I don't even fully enjoy the conversation until orders are placed because I'm listening with one ear, trying to read the menu without ignoring my companions, and in the meantime making the all important meal decision. Yes, I can multi-task, but dining out is a whole different ball of wax. I have even asked waiters to come back at 3-4 times. I am sure that I made many people feel like a waiter by turning you away, (...recent blog regarding recommendations, suggestions and input overload) I finally placed my order! I had all my tests, I have my team of doctors, know what surgery I am having, where I'm having it, but date is still tbd. I am relaxed and ready to enjoy this unusual meal together. So let's talk cancer, or not. I can't wait for dessert - I'll have one of each with lots of spoons!

Have you ever eaten dinner on a seasaw?

Whacky thought of the day...
What is the difference between an auto mechanic and a surgeon?
Clean hands
(No disrespect meant to either auto mechanics nor surgeons.)

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