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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bunched Panties...

There is a distinct difference between questioning someone's judgement, and asking questions in an attempt understand someone's thought process that resulted in a decision. Today, when I asked the radiologist, Dr. Oz, a question regarding the mutiple biopsies scheduled for this week, he got his panties all in a bunch!

Today I had an ultrasound biopsy to take samples of the three lesions on the left side. I asked Dr. Oz if is he was going to take samples from all three and logical question, if I do say so. He said that he can only see one on the ultrasound, therfore he will only be taking samples from one. If this sample comes back negative, then I will need to schedule another MRI biospy on top of the one scheduled for Thrusday. I said ok.

Wait a minute! After he left the room, I asked the nurse, "Why don't we just go straight to the MRI and bypass the ultrasound?" She said, "The ultrasound is less uncomfortable for you." "Less uncomfortable???" What? Again, hellooooooooooo, shouldn't I be the one making the comfortable/uncomfortable decision. If someone, anyone, gave me a choice, I would pass Go, collect $200, and go straight to the MRI. People, let's move on with this process - this is costing me time & money, and I'm trying to acquire Boardwalk and Park Place!

So, when I went into the ultrasound room, I asked Dr. Oz why don't we go directly to the MRI since the ultrasound can only give him samples of one lesion. The hair stood up on his neck, his ears pinned back, and he somewhat sharply responded that the ultrasound was more comfortable for me. I told him that comfort didn't matter at that point. Oops... the almighty Dr. Oz did not appreciate me continuing the conversation regarding MY treatment. He then said that it is easier for him, and that "there isn't a radiologist in the country who wouldn't prefer and ultrasound biopsy to a MRI biopsy." Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Now I understand. It was all about his comfort. He didn't say anything technical about one method getting better information, or that one method is more reliable, only that one is easier, and preferable. Does logic every come into play? I had some very un-ladylike thoughts going through my mind as he was prepping for the biopsy.

Here's the other kicker. If one of the six samples - chucks of tissue - comes back negative, then I must have an MRI biospy on the left side. I asked if he could do both sides at the same time on Thursday - the original date for the right side. He said "No because the dye injected into my system doesn't last long enough to do both sides." The left side is "high priority" and the right side is "low priority" because it appears to be nothing. Everyone now knows how much I love it when someone tells me that something is nothing. What a train wreck!

Nurse Ratchett said that they only do MRI biopsies on Thrusdays. So does this mean that I am now stretching this whole testing, biospy process one more week?! By the time they get done with all this testing, they will need to start over to make sure the cancer didn't spread over these weeks while ultrasound and MRI couldn't get their shit together. Oops. sorry for the bad word - couldn't think of an appropriate synonym to replace it.

I also had another mammogram today on the left side. The purpose was to check the marker placed inside the breast where the biopsy took place. I hope it was the hat or the shoe - my brothers always fought over the car. It is funny how they don't even put the lead skirt on me anymore. They must figure...why bother...she's been nuked so much anyway.

Still not date for surgery.
Next Tuesday, March 23, I meet with surgeon Dr. No Nickname. Hopefully she will give me a surgery date.

At this point I am so frustrated, that I feel like taking my results and moving on to another team. I need a team that is not held hostage by the incompetence of MRI and ultrasound scheduling. There must be other MRI and Ultrasound clinics that can do these tests. Tomorrow I am going to call Dr. No Nickname and express my frustrations and concerns. But of course, you cannot call a doctor directly, not even leave a voicemail. You must call a myriad of other people, in hopes that they actually give the message to the doctor sometime this month. Perhaps a well-worded fax might get her attention. Stay tuned...

Some good news...the genetic testing of the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes came back negative. This is good news for Riley and Molly because they will both be negative for this "cancer gene." Also, it ruled out an automatic double mastectomy - which doesn't sound so bad at this point.

Whacky thought for the day...
Why does it hurt so much when you whack your funny bone? Shouldn't it make you laugh instead of writhe in pain?

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  1. Please, Keval, don't let logic or your comfort get in the way of the doctors' processes. They have WAYS OF DOING THINGS that you, with your small female brain, will simply not understand.

    Oddly, I whacked the heck out of my knee yesterday shoveling snow and had the same thought. Must be genetic, unlike the BC. (BTW, I was also BRCA negative).