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Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Hair Story...

It is funny how cancer people like to talk hair with one another. Both cancer patients and cancer workers talk about hair. Hair loss is the one common factor facing most cancer patients going through treatment, regardless of type or stage of their cancer. It is also a safe topic of conversation with someone who has cancer. When I was having chemotherapy, no one ever asked, "What are you in for?" or "What's your cocktail?" Instead the chit chat was usually about hair.

Last week I went in for some lab work. Routinely the techs as for my birth date to make sure I am the correct person. An older gentleman in the chair next to me said, "I wish that was my birth date!" "My youngest is your age!" I told him that he looked great. He replied, "My hair grew back curly." When my tech realized that I had a birthday coming soon, she asked what I was doing for my big day. I told her that I am going to color my hair because I cannot handle the gray any longer. (With the salt and pepper look, and the curls, I think my hair looks exactly like Jon Stewart! No woman wants to look like a male Jewish political comedian, although it looks good on him.) The older gentleman told me that I should color my hair pink. The tech jumped in and said, "She already did that!" Evidently my pink hair left an impression.

So, my hair is back to the color it was when I was much younger, but without the sun's highlights. Riley said that I look 20 years younger without the gray hair! I knew it! I knew the gray was all wrong!

Whacky thoughts for the day...
#1: If a man is bald before chemotherapy, does hair grow after chemotherapy? (I am going to ask Dr. Dad next week, and I'll post the answer.)

#2: Filling a pill box is good practice for playing the game mancala.

#3: It is March 25th and I had to scrape snow and ice off my windshield this morning!

#4: 50 does feel better than 49!