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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Books...

I have avoided all books, pamphletts or handouts regarding breast cancer. The facts Mam, just the facts are all I am interested in reading. I can completely understand if someone is an emotional wreck after they are diagosed with cancer, and pray that they can find help and support. However, a book like the one I skimmed through today would make someone a worse wreck.

After church today, I started to read a book about coping with breast cancer. The forward by Evelyn Lauder,of Estee Lauder, was interesting. I'm glad that I use Estee Lauder products because Evelyn Lauder is a HUGE supporter of breast cancer research. She founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Her goal is to raise enough money, and become so successful that it puts them - the BCRF - out of business. I like this attitude. After the forward, I am finding the content questionable.

The book was written by two successful, professional women. One is childless and completely self absorbed. It is enough to make you puke. At one point she writes, "Instead of fighting to get on the list for the latest Chanel bag, I was gearing up for the fight of my life." Really, this is a direct quote from the book! How melodramatic can one be? She sounds like a character on a soap opera. Did she steal this line from a harlequin book?

The beginning ot the book goes on and on about their thoughts of death and dying. The other author, who is a mother of two, writes about thoughts of leaving her two children motherless. I can honestly say that I have not had these thoughts. This is not an option. Is it assumed that all women think of death when they are diagnosed with breast cancer? These are professional women - shouldn't they know that the majority of women survive breast cancer if it hasn't spread to the rest of their body? Melodramatic women are embarassing to those of us (women) with a grip. But damn it, they planted this ugly seed, but I refuse to water and fertilize it. See, this is why no one should read these stupid books!

Needless to say, I skipped several pages, especially when the self-absorbed woman was writing. How many times does someone need to read the poorly written rubbish she spews like these insightful tidbits: "I always look wonderful," "I am a fashionista," the "first thing I asked for out of surgery was lipstick because I wanted to look good when my husband saw me," blah, blah, blah. Does anyone out there in the universe find this helpful information for coping with breast cancer?

I jumped to chapter four about reconstruction. This is very complicated, interesting and technical. Fortunately, most of it was written by a physician. This chapter was very helpful, and I will reread it with a highlighter. (I skipped the areas respresenting the authors' personal feelings and experiences - my stomach couldn't take it.)

The next chapter is about chemotherapy - can't wait!

Whacky thought for the day...
Why is it the only time I cry is in church? Something about the words in some of the music hits me like a ton of bricks. It is so embarrassing! and we sit in the front of the church! Thank goodness for waterproof mascara! (Kiss Me by Bliss is absolutely the best mascara, and I have tried them all. I buy it as Sephora or on line....Keval's beauty tips for today.)

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  1. Hey Keval, I'm also one who cries in church. I think it's because I can really be vulnerable and honest with God. Something about the gift of tears that it healing...p.s. I didn't see you crying, I was working too hard to keep Mike from picking his nose and eating it!