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Friday, March 5, 2010

Change Of Plans...

It can be so frustrating when you picked out the perfect outfit and shoes, are having the best hair day, make-up is flawless, brilliant accessories , and then a change of plans. That is exactly how I felt the right frame of mind, emotions are in place, family is all prepped, fat pants are cleaned, cancer is ready, but the surgery date is postponed.

Today I had an appointment with surgeon Dr. No Nickname. We told her today about these writings and that she doesn't have a nickname, so I call her Dr. No Nickname. I think she felt slighted by not having a nickname, even though Dr. No Nickname is her nickname. I though about calling her Dr. Queezy because she said that she gets queezy at the sight of her own blood. She didn't seem to embrace this name, so Dr. No Nickname it is.

Dr. No Nickname said that I need a biopsy on the three lesions floating around the cancer to see if they are also cancer. These were detected on the MRI. They immediately took me in for ultrasound #3 to locate this little lesions, and make them accessible to the radiologist for a biopsy. I didn't think that radiologists really existed, or that they they never came out from behind the curtain. I hear about them reading the x-rays, scans, MRIs, but didn't know they actually existed. So Dr. Oz -the radiologist- came in to do the biopsy, but one problem, there was no nurse to assist. They could not do the biopsy because the nurse went home at 11:30 and was gone for the day. What?! There was not another nurse in the entire hospital that could assit Dr. Oz with the biopsy! I have been psyching myself up for a couple of weeks for this surgery, but now I have to reschedule because someone can't adequately schedule staff? Also, MRI recently decided to close on Fridays, only available M-Th. It is difficult to schedule an MRI because they are so fully booked, yet they close on Fridays. Does anyone but me think that this is a poor way to run a business? I was one cranky Cancerasaurus today.

I was given two choices: 1. Cancel the necessary family getaway and get the two biopsies early next week 2. Go on the family trip and reschedule surgery. I voted for option 2. Cancer can wait, family cannot.

The second biospy is via another MRI for the other breast that has a fibroglandular island. Anything with the word "isalnd" can't be too bad, but no sand or plam trees.
So here are the scores for two weeks of tests:
X-rays/Mammograms = 2
Scans = 3
MRI = 1+1 scheduled
Blood Drawn = 3
Ultrasound = 3+1 scheduled
Radioactive IV= 2
Metalic IV= 2

It looks like Utrasound is in the lead with Scans and Blood Drawn fighting for second place, and third place is wide open... Maybe I watched a little too much Olympics.

Whacky thought for the day...
I discovered today that the lovely gown we wear for exams and ultrasounds in the doctor's office is also called a "johnny." What's up with that? I thought the word gown was strange enough, but johnny? I'm going to stick with hospital muumuu.

Happy Birthday Garrett!

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