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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Vacation...

Did you ever have a mosquitoe bite that itched so badly that it drove you crazy? The more you tried to not think about it the more it itched? It turns out the cancer is like a mosquitoe bite. The more I try to get away from it, relax, take a vacation from thinking about it, the more I think about it.

Don't get me wrong, we are having a great time skiing. However, my legs aren't having as great a time as the rest of my body. They keep screaming to me, "You are not 21 anymor! This is not Copper Mountain, and this is not that E chair that you once raced a friend nonstop top to bottom!" Or was it the A chair? - my mind has gone the way of my legs. (Lived, worked and skiied in Colorado - previous life, previous legs.)

I discovered that when you are busy with everyday life...getting kids to school, house cleaning, work, Brownies, afterschool activities, doctor's appointments, etc, the less time you have to dwell on any annoying and inconvenient illness. Plus, I'm dealing with first class hat hair! Oh yeh, one less problem to deal with in a few months. Can you imagine how much quicker it will be to get ready in the morning when you don't have to do your hair!

It looks like surgery will now be sometime the week of March 22. A very nice 49th birthday gift. I have an ultrasound biopsy on Monday, March 15 and MRI biopsy on Thursday, March 18. We need the results back before the surgery. I tried to move the MRI biopsy to earlier in the week, by Nurse Ratchett, the scheduling nurse for the MRI center, was less than ameniable.

Whacky thought for the day...
Why is it when someone is grumpy to you, it kind of makes you grumpy - if even for a moment.
And conversely, why is it when someone is very nice to you it puts you in a better mood?
We all have garbage in our lives that clouds a sunny day, but it takes the same amount of energy to be nice as to be grumpy. Actually, sometimes it seems like it takes a lot more energy to be nice, but isn't it worth? It is a scientific fact, one cannot be both grumpy and happy at the same time-after all these were two distinctly different dwarfs. Signed, Polyanna.

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  1. Why is it that when one person yawns, you yawn too? It's contagious. I think moods are contagious too and you may as well spread a good one. It's a good thing that, say, needing to go pee isn't contagious, that would make for long lines in the ladies' room.

    Speaking of people in bad moods, I still want to bring my dogs up for a romp in front of the Montessori school (reference: "Extra Long" post). Jeesh.