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Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Molting, I'm Molting...

Wow, is my hair falling out fast! When I took a shower this morning, I made all kinds of noises as clumps of hair kept coming out in my hands. Molly checked in on me to make sure I was alright. It is definitely a strange sensation because you don't even feel the hair as it leaves your scalp. Hair is everywhere...all over the bathroom, my bed, the keyboard. I need to wear a hairnet in the kitchen. It's disgusting. I'm a witch with no hair, "I'm molting, I'm molting!" (Well, Salem, MA is only a few miles away from Manchester.)

I now need to wear a hat or head scarf all the time when I go out. It is embarrassing to have the fur flying as I walk down the street.

The head shaving party is mainly a celebration of thanks for all the wonderful support I have received during the past several months. Generous hearts have presented themselves in many forms. Yesterday I spoke with a Santa Clara University, Class of 1983, old friend, Jimmy Neutron. He lives with this family in the Seattle area. He said that he feels like he talks with me every day because he reads this jibber jabber. He even wears a pink wristband in honor of me - it takes a real man to wear a pink band! Knowing that he and his wife read this, makes me feel like I am talking to him, and all of you every day.

I don't say THANK YOU enough to all of you for your support, prayers, wishes and good thoughts! (Am I getting too mushy?)

Whacky thought for the day...
Duct tape is so versatile!
This priceless example is complements of my llama raising, New Mexico living, generously supportive, cousin Laura...
A year ago she performed her own version of the breast cancer dance. She buzzed her head because she didn't enjoy the flying fur either. However, the little stubbles that remained kept falling out and she felt as if she was shedding like a cat. SO, she got out the old duct tape and "defuzzed" her head! Yes, duct tape! She wrote that it didn't hurt. He husband and her sister caught her in the act, and after they got over the shock, they rolled around the floor in hysterics. I think this should go in the 3M Duct Tape hall of fame annals!

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