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Friday, July 16, 2010

Chemo Clarification...

I have been asked a couple of times if chemotherapy is radioactive. It is not radioactive, it is a combination of some medications/poisons meant to kill any cancer cells and unfortunately healthy cells. I had two radioactive scans. It was clearly evident when you are in an area with radioactive materials. The triangular "Warning: Radioactive Materials" signs are posted everywhere. Some of the techs wear special protective aprons. The materials are delivered in special lead boxes, or in the case of my PetScan, the injection was pulled out of a deep smoking box - it kind of reminded me of cryogenics.

The nurse delivering the chemotherapy medications wears a special "chemotherapy proof" protective over-garment that kind of looks like a hospital gown, but made from different material. I think, but am not sure, that she wore clear protective eyewear and, of course, heavy gloves. The delivery nurse, not to be confused with those delivering babies, works with my infusion nurse, and the two nurses together double check for accuracy. They both sign the chart listing the meds before they ever leave her hands. They also ask me my date of birth to make sure that I am actually Keval McNamara, born on 3-25-61. I would be surprised is they had a patient named Keval McNamara born on another date. I appreciate the attention to detail.

I now know why all the doctors during this 5+months of cancer dance said that I was so young. Other than the 24-year old guy across from me, most all the other patients looked to be in their 70's-80's. There were a few young whippersnappers in their 60's.

I'm still feeling okay, and I am still walking around barefoot. I thought that since I have wood floors, I can stomp on them a few times during the day, and it would be like "knocking on wood" throughout the day.

Whacky thought for the day...
I was messing around in my garden early this evening, and a mosquito landed on me. I was wondering if it bit me, would it instantly die from the chemotherapy inside of me? Actually, the mosquitoes have been staying away from me and attacking everyone else. Maybe the chemotherapy provides me with constant bug repellent.

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