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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Head Shaving Party!!!

Well...Dr. Banana Split was off by one day. Today my first chunk of hair came out while I was washing my hair. It was a small chunk of about 10 strands of hair. Several single strands subsequently came out. Throughout the day I shed single strands of hair. When Riley woke this morning, I told about my hair coming out, she said that she didn't want to hear it. When way off Broadway star, Molly, woke up from a long sleep and I told her about my hair falling out, she gave me a big thumbs up. Later Molly said that I am molting!

It felt a little freaky and shocking to be holding a chunk of my hair. I had surgery with a long recovery, I have scars all over my body, I had two chemotherapy cycles, but having my hair fall out makes it seem all the more real. Gulp! My head constantly tingles as strands of hair are trying to escape my head. I took a 4 hour nap today because the two previous nights totalled 8 hours. After I woke up, I checked for hair on the pillow, but didn't find any. I gave my hair a good brushing, and filled up the brush. Now I know how the cats feel when the girls brush them. I wore a scarf on my head for the first time tonight because I didn't want my hair flying all over the people seated next to me at "The Music Man." It took three female neighbors to help me get the scarf placed correctly on my head so that I didn't look like a pirate. I was going to wear hoop earrings, but Riley and I agreed that I looked like a gypsy. I settled on the pink pearls that Chubba and the girls gave me when I got home from the hospital, post surgery. (Another local business shout out: N. Larson jewelry is a wonderful jewelry store in Manchester! Nancy is so warm and nice, and not pushy or intimidating like many jewelry designers and retailers. She makes most all her jewelry using colorful and clear crystals, unique stones, and traditional valuable gems. The prices range from very reasonable to investment-priced black diamonds for that special occasion- like a 50th birthday. Hmmm, anyone turning 50 next year?)


5:00 - ?
8 Burnham Lane

BBQ (east coast translation = "cookout") Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, etc
Libations - soda & beer

ALL ARE WELCOME - IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOUR ARE INVITED! ADULTS AND KIDS (if it's hot, have kids (or you) wear swimsuits for a first class water gun fight.)

RSVP would be nice, but not necessary (don't want to run out of food or beer)

Whacky thought for the day...
Bald is bold and beautiful! (I hope. Yikes!)

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