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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hair Watch, 48 Hours and Counting...

48 hours ago, oncologist, Dr. Banana Split said that I would be losing my hair in 48 hours. Not even a single strand has fallen out. However, my head is feeling a little more sore - like tight pony tail sore. Riley keeps grabbing my hair to see if she can pull out any hair, but no go. She is actually a little worried about how I am going to look without hair. I told her that I will look shorter. My thoughtful, Dr. Seuss pajama wearing, giggly, classmate of Molly, 9 year old neighbor boy shaved his head last week in honor of me. He looks very cute! His big blue eyes look twice the size! I told Riley that I will look just like Spencer. She didn't buy it.

I did the goofiest thing yesterday during my chemotherapy. I had to go to the bathroom, and when I got out of the infusion chair and grabbed my IV pole, I could get the pole to only roll a short distance. It felt like the wheels were locked. I was next to the nurses station, so I asked over, "Do I need to be smarter than the pole because it feels like the wheels are locked?" They looked over and saw that I forgot to unplug it from the wall! So I acknowledged that indeed it is important to be smarter than the pole! We all had a good laugh. (I don't know why I forgot to unplug the pole because I did it twice last time I was there. It was probably the forgetfulness thing...)

Molly gave me my bone marrow producing shot tonight. She cleaned the shot area with the alcohol swab, and pushed the plunger after I injected the needle into my thigh. She was pushing a little hard, so the needle went in a little deeper, but it didn't hurt. However, a bit of blood come out upon removing the needle. Dr. Molly opened a sterile gauze pad and cleaned up the blood and put a Barbie band-aid over the site. She was quite pleased with herself. The girls are going to the next chemo appointment because I want them to see what it is all about. I don't think they will stay the entire time. I am hoping that Molly can practice injecting the shot with the shot practicing toys. Riley will probably leave the room the minute she sees a needle. When I took the shot out of the refrigerator tonight, the paperwork was still in the zip-lock bag. I discovered that each shot cost $3300. The total bill was $6600! I paid $30 total; $15 each for the shots. Thank goodness for insurance!

Chubba's mom is visiting. She has been very helpful with the girls while Chubba and I attend doctor's appointments. The girls are schooling her in the card game, Crazy 8s. Molly can't seem to lose!

Last night I went to sleep at 4:00 a.m. I guess technically I went to sleep today. I woke up at 7:30. I think I remember having difficulties sleeping right after my last chemo date. I look like I got 3 1/2 hours sleep too...not pretty. Strangely, I did not feel too wiped out today. I sense a crash in the future.

Whacky thought for the day...
Would you believe that I was a math major in college because I was a terrible writer and didn't like writing papers? Not that I'm any Jane Austen now, but I enjoy writing this jibber jabber.

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