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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Going Barefoot...

So far, so good with this chemotherapy stuff. However, I am kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop, so I am just going barefoot. If I do wear shoes, I'm going to lace them up tight!

Today is the third day with chemo drugs inside of me, and I've only experienced a little queasiness now and then. I get a little tired, but not any worse than on any other hot, humid day. I even had the energy today to go shopping for boy clothes with Molly & Roo because Molly volunteered to play a boy in "The Music Man." (Summerstage is always short on boys.) I survived Target, Marshalls, Payless Shoes, and Old Navy, but I do admit I was a little nervous about the shoe dropping thing. I kept myself hydrated and kept an eye out for the closest bathroom at all times.

Hair is still intact, and pink. Too bad I can't say the same about our 2-ton cats - not the pink, but the shedding. After Molly finishes "The Music Man" she is going pink too. We would have gone for the pink streaks now, but we didn't think that pink hair would work too well for a boy in the musical. I don't believe that there were too many cross dressers during that era.

Last night I had to give myself a shot for the first time. It was a medication to make more bone marrow, and therefore platelets. Chemotherapy drugs tends to kills the good cells along with the cancer cells that might be hiding. The side affect is aching bones, like the flue, but I took a couple of Tylenol after the shot, and avoided the body aches. My surgeon-to-be, Molly, assisted with the injection. Of course, Riley, who panics whenever she hears the word "shot," had to leave the room. I have seen Melinda, my brother's wife, give herself thousands of shots, so I knew not to cry. ("Follower" Melinda is a diabetic, not a druggie!) I practiced with the nurse at the hospital while I was getting poisoned. She gave me a little round disc with a raised bump than felt like skin, and I practiced injecting a needle into it. Chubba got to try too. I did it incorrectly the first time because I put my finger on the plunger as I was injecting it. The correct technique is to hold the syringe like a dart, and then once it penetrates the skin, push the plunger down. The dart techniques prevents you from pushing the plunger too soon, which is exactly what I did on my first try. I also learned that the rubbing alcohol used to clean the site needs to be dry, otherwise the shot will sting. Molly would have loved playing with these toys.
When I was getting the chemotherapy, I noticed a woman going around and massaging people's legs and feet. The young, good looking guy across from me was having terrible hiccups, a side affect of some drugs. The massage therapist did some acupressure on his feet, and magically his hiccups and heartburn disappeared. This is a free service provided by Mass General for chemotherapy patients. I made an appointment for my next infusion, and told her that my problem will probably be nausea.

Local Business Shout Out...Justin's sister, "Follower" Meg, sent me the most stunning phalaenopsis orchid flower arrangement from a new local florist right here in Manchester. It is so beautiful that it almost made me cry. Having several phalaenopsis plants, I know that these two hair-matching pink orchid plants could possibly last all the way to Christmas. No kidding.
Now, I am not providing this information as a way of hinting, or asking for flowers. If anyone sends me flowers from this new florist as a result of this posting, I will be extremely embarrassed. This is strictly promoting a local business. My family has been in retail in California since 1923. My brother, Daniel, is the third generation to run the family business. I believe is shopping local, especially when quality and customer service is evident!
Here's the info:
The Singing Flower, owner Meggin Hunt

My stomach and reconstruction is still a little sore, but last night I was able to sleep on my side for the first time since May 18th. It's the little things...

Whacky thoughts for the day...

"Think Pink"

"Pink, Pink, Cancer Stinks!"

Photos compliments of Riley McCarthy; taken the morning before my first chemotherapy treatment.

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  1. The pink actually looks GOOD on you, Keval!