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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tasmanian Devil...

I think the Tasmanian Devil from Bugs Bunny is a female. And, she is either about to give birth or is about to have surgery for breast cancer.

Last week I felt like the only time I sat down was when I passed out. I made a list longer than Santa's. I completed most of the list, even though some days I felt like someone pulled the plug on my energy.
build a fence -check
weed garden- check
clean house-check
surprise extreme makeover Riley's room while at school-check (Thanks to Mary's help)
two trips to mall and Target for some power shopping-check
organize stuff for Riley & Mom's birthday-check
get broken storm window fixed-check
get someone to build shelves-check (Thank you Bob the Builder! (Mary's husband))
break dryer-check
find someone to fix dryer-check (with Chubba's help)
clean house some more-check
re-pink my hair-check
get nails done-check
edge and weed whack yard-check
fill house with groceries-check
have parish priest over for dinner-check
receive Sacrament, Anointing of the Sick-check
other stuff-check

On Saturday night I picked up Molly from a slumber party at 9:30p.m. (She has a hard time sleeping overnight.) When I got home at 9:50, there was a strange car in my driveway. When I went inside, Riley and four of her friends presented me with a gift - a large fleece blanket they made during the day! It is solid pink on one side, and has patterns of breast cancer ribbons, the words "mothers and daughters" and other graphics on the other side. It is so very special! I thought Riley was at a birthday lunch for D.K. and the beach with her friends on Saturday, but she was actually at someone's house tying this beautiful blanket. I learned later that the girls gave up a pool party to make this for me. This is proof that high school girls can be wonderful, thoughtful, and selfless. A giant, loving thank you to B.J., D.K., E.M., K.M., Roo, Wild Kingdom, and Colorado Mama!

Today Riley, Molly and my mom are going with me to Boston while I get a shot of nuclear medicine to make my armpits (lymph nodes) glow. I think this is a good opportunity for the girls to see the hospital, visit the cancer resource room, and check out the Healing Garden. Their last experience scared them, and they only sat in the car while was picked up after day surgery! I am hoping that his trip will ease a little of their anxieties about the surgery. Maybe it will ease some of my anxiety too.

Last week a Mass General nurse called for a pre-admission interview. She told me that I will be probably be in the hospital for 5 days. Ugh! She said that I will have a button to push to self administer the morphine for pain. I think I will just bring some duct tape and tape the button down for a constant drip. I don't do pain well. She also explained that after the surgery I will be laying in a jackknife position. Lovely. (Whenever I hear the word jackknife, I think of a big rig clogging up the freeway.) On Friday, when I told one of Molly's teacher's that I will be in a jackknife position, she said, "Oh, you mean like a martini glass." Maybe we should check her water bottle for floating olives.

I hate to admit this publicly, but I am more nervous than a hen in a wolf den. This whole reconstruction thing is causing the majority of the anxiety, and it is the reason for the jackknife position. If I just did the implant then it would be fewer days and easier recovery. But, then I would have a foreign object in me rather than my own body parts. I know it is better for me in the long run, but yikes, it's freaking me out. (I am way beyond this tummy tuck deal - I know I could get a flat stomach back on my own. Did it once before.)

Last night Fr. Jack came for dinner. Last week he asked me if I would like to receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. When I told the girls about receiving the sacrament, Molly got a little freaked out because she learned the Seven Sacraments, and thought that Anointing of the Sick was when people are dying. I explained to her that it changed years ago. Chubba arranged for him to come to dinner. After some laughs, lots of sarcasm, good conversation, dinner, and an apple pie -that was excellent if I do say so myself, Fr. Jack gave me the Sacrament. Molly was in the bath during this, which I think was a good thing because for some reason Riley appeared a little uneasy. It was beautiful and I feel blessed to have received the sacrament from such a wonderful priest as Fr. Jack. Now the only sacrament left for me is Holy Orders; but I think I will skip that one...I don't see a future as a nun.

I only have one more day to play the sympathetic cancer card. I use it liberally in an attempt to get what I want out of my family, but it doesn't work anymore. (The other day Fr. Jack trumped my cancer card with his liver transplant card. Darn!) Yesterday, after I said to my family, "I only have two more days to use the cancer card," Riley responded with, "Yeah, but then you will use the chemotherapy card." I hate being predictable!

In 24 hours and 38 minutes I will be in surgery. It is schedule for 8:00 a.m. I feel like throwing-up.

Whacky thought for the day...
There are only two people who need to be connected with cell phones 24/7 - a person waiting for an organ transplant, and the surgeon performing the operation.

Happy Birthday Timothy!

Belated Happy Birthday to KiKi and Katie Shea!


  1. You area busy girl! Our prayers are with you tomorrow and the days to follow. Please tell Chubba to keep us updated, since I am not sure you can blog in the 'martini glass' position.

    I know it will all go well.

    xoxo Lynn & the boys

  2. DEEDLE, Our prayers will be with you tomorrow and the days to follow. Stay strong and keep your head up. God is on your side!! WE LOVE YOU!!1 Tamm and family...... sorry its anonymous... still havent figured this out

  3. thanks for the birfday wishes! I am thinking about you and the east coast McNamara- McCarthy's all the time! MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!

    hugs and kisses,






  5. Hey Keval! Been thinking about you all week - hope you're not still totally high, and that your pain levels are tolerable. I'm sure you're cracking up the nursing staff. Love, love, love... Laura