It is more important to know where you are going, than how long it takes to get there.

Monday, May 17, 2010

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, ...

Countdown to take-off, T minus 10 hours.

Today the girls, my mom and I visited Mass General Hospital. I know, with all the istorical sites to see in Boston, we visited Mass General. After my shot, we checked out The Healing Garden on the 8th floor. It is very zen-like... calming and beautiful. The designer was masterful with the plant selection. Trees, grass, scultpures, a large square floor fountain, and private seating areas cover 6300 square feet. The entry is a floor to ceiling glassed atrium with big, large-leafed plants and sitting areas. I think that Chubba and the girls will probably visit it a couple of times during my stay.

The nuclear shot took about five minutes. When I was nuked previously, I was told that I was highly radioactive and shouldn't have small children sit on my lap. So I asked the nurse if this was the case with this injection, and she said no because the previous shot was 200 times stronger than this shot. However, she did give me a card to carry in my purse that states that I have been injected with radioactive material. (Why was I not given this card with my two other nuclear shots?) She said that I need to carry the card for three days because if I go to an airport, a city dump, or the White House, I might set off the radioactive detectors. The city dump? What? I guess no household nuclear waste at the local dump. I must say, though, Michelle was very disappointed when I had to cancel our dinner tonight.

Bubble Wrap sent me an e-mail today, saying that she is going to wear pink tomorrow in honor of me. So to everyone reading this...think pink!

Off to sleep to get ready for slicing and dicing. I'm sure there won't be much sleep tonight...back to the flipping and flopping like a freshly caught fish.


  1. Love you, sissy! We'll be wearing pink, thinking pink and drinking pink lemonade in honor of you tomorrow, Deedle. Lots of love and prayers....sending you a great big hug! xoxo

  2. Putting on the pink here too. Thinking good thoughts for you Keval.

  3. Pink here too for me - plus it's J's fav color. All positive thoughts today! Love you from the east bay.

  4. We're praying pink prayers and wearing pink for you sis-in-law. I just talked to Justin, he says they got the tumor out and you're doing well. Hurray! We're still praying tho.

  5. Hey Keval - Thinking of you in Ca! I remember when I went in for the surgery and sentinel node biopsy (which it sounds like you are having, hense the radioactive shot), the thing that freaked me out the most was spending the night at the hospital.

    I wasn't afraid of sleeping at the hospital at all, it was the fact that insurance thought it was a big enough procedure to spend the night.

    I mean, they try to kick you out 10 minutes after having a baby, right?

    Anyway, I know that you are just fine and in awesome hands. Max and I will think of you and Riley on their birthday.

  6. Hey Keval! You can blame Lisa for sharing your blog with me. Sorry to hear what you've been going through but I know you'll beat the beast. Thinking about you made me remember the fun we used to have with Liddle Kiddles, Polly Pockets (scented?!) and troll weddings. Hope you remember them too. Remember, you're still the 4th sister... just the one we don't talk about. :-)

    Love you,
    Katie (now in, don't laugh, Petaluma)