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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sometimes We Need To Lie...

Last night, a rare event took place, Molly and I sat on the couch and watched the evening news. I generally do not let Molly watch the news because of all the awful stories about rape, murder and the U.S.Congress. Normally, I watch the news from a distance, catching about 30% of what is said, while making dinner and helping with homework - regular chaos. However, for some cosmic reason we found time to sit down and watch the ABC evening news. The last story was about the death of actress Lynn Redgrave. She died of breast cancer! Eeks! Molly got an "oh my God" look on her face. I explained that she did not have the same breast cancer as me. (I really don't know what type she had, so I lied.) Molly replied, in a self-convincing manner, "But, she didn't die from breast cancer." I agreed, (again lying.)

Honestly, I had an "oh my God" moment myself. I thank God every day that the cancer is isolated in the breast and not spread to my organs.

Whacky thought for the day...
To whom is it okay to tell "white lies?"
When is the last time you told one?


  1. It's always ok to tell "pink" lies Keval!

  2. I often have looked skyward as a Mom and said I know you're going to get me for this one! But most of them have been protective like the one you told. Of course the lie I told about Ring Dings being only for adults cause they contain alcohol (no we did not want to share with the kids!) may get me into trouble!

  3. Today.
    It's our job.

  4. Hey, it's perfectly okay to lie to your kids about this kind of thing. And actually, you're not lying, because you're going to be fine.

    But lying about RING DINGS? Oh, that's bad, very very bad.