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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Depression Confession...

Last June, when I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. T. Best, she said something to me that didn't make sense at the time. She said that after all this is over, I might not feel myself, and to not put up with this garbage. She continued to say that if I start feeling depressed or anxious to get some help, and not be ashamed. She also told me that I could come see her if I wanted her help. ( Dr. T. Best is an amazing physician.)

Doesn't it make sense that after all the treatments a cancer patient would feel elation and not depression? I felt better during chemotherapy than I do now.

Why is it easier to talk about constipation that depression? They are both physiological side effects. Since the end of my radiation, I have had a little issue with depression - nothing major like I am going to jump off a bridge. Just some days I just wanted to hang out at home and not go anywhere, or talk to anyone other than family. Some days I felt like sleeping all the time. Sometimes I just sat by the fire and stared out the window. In December I received a new addition to my pill box that helps me get through this stage of cancer recovery. It is a beautiful, bright pink color, called Effexor. Now I have a rainbow of colors in my pill box - white, green, pink, and yellow.

It is strange how literature for cancer therapy focuses on all side effects but depression. There is very little written about depression; the signals, and when or how to get help. However, there are multiple pages, even complete pamphlets dedicated to controlling nausea by what your eat, or dealing with constipation.

Llama Lover, told me that she was caught off guard with the same feelings after she finished her cancer treatments. She found solace in a tiny pill called Zoloft. She's a year ahead of me in this journey, and she is off it now.

Whacky thought for the day...
Why is there such a stigma placed on depression, but not other physiological issues like epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease or cancer?

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