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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Bubble...

After my first two chemotherapy cycles, I lived in a bubble to protect my weakened immune system from germs. I didn't go to a grocery store, movie theater, restaurant, pediatrician's office, Target, or any germ-ridden places. Because I stayed healthy for the first month of chemotherapy, I got a little lax and over-confident, and started venturing out. I still washed my hands constantly, and took a bath in hand sanitizer when I got in the car, but some tenacious germs popped my bubble.

I have been coughing for over a month, and it has progressively worsened. Ten days ago I went to see my nurse practitioner at my primary physician's office; she prescribed antibiotics. Under normal circumstances, she would prescribe prednisone, but prednisone weakens one's immune system, and mine is already compromised from chemotherapy. The antibiotic only slightly lessened the cough, but over the weekend, it flared up so badly, that I almost went to the hospital. I am a world-class cougher, with over 40 years of experience, but this cough, combined with asthma, even challenged my fortitude. I went back to see the nurse practitioner on Monday, and I am now taking prednisone. It has helped tremendously. (My last chemo cycle was three weeks ago.) I am still coughing, but at least now I can sleep for more than an hour at night. I might crawl back into my bubble for a couple of more weeks.

Whacky thought for the day...
Who doesn't love bubbles? There is nothing more innocent and sweet than a child blowing bubbles.

Whacky thought for the day #2...
Why do pediatricians have toys in their waiting room? Almost every single pediatrician's waiting room in America has a large bead and wire maze attached to a table for patients to play with while they are waiting. Sick children who put their fingers in their mouths and noses play with this toy! Sick children sneeze and cough on this toy! To make matters worse, when you go into the examining room, there is usually a box of germ infested toys and books tempting children! I am that germiphobe parent who brought her children to the pediatrician's office in a bubble, and wouldn't let them touch any of these germ-laden toys or books. I always brought our own toys and books that I sterilized when we returned home. Hello.......I don't want to make my healthy children sick or my sick children sicker! (Now we bring homework instead of toys to entertain the girls while waiting for the doctor.) I once thought that these toys were placed in the offices to guarantee repeat business, but soon discovered that pediatrician's offices are so busy, that getting a same-day appointment is like winning the lottery.


  1. So true about the pediatrician's offices and toys!

    Was wondering what you guys are up to this weekend and are up for visitors a little bit (few hours, don't know how long I can venture out with Evie). If you arn't up for it it is ok.

  2. Hey Keval...Glad you're getting some relief from steroids...
    By the way, Are you old enough to remember John Travolta in the boy in the plastic bubble?