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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomorrow is C-Day...

I figure that operation day is D-Day, so the "big" day before D-day is C-day. I am meeting with my new set of doctors at Mass General tomorrow. To say I am a little unsettled is an understatement. Today I was up at 4:00 a.m. cleaning walls, under the kitchen sink, base board, cupboards, any other noiseless cleaning. And, I am definitely NOT a morning person! You would think I was nesting and ready to have a baby! I even had the morning sickness nausea. At this point, having a baby would be easier. No , wait, check that; at my age, having breasts removed is easier.

Yesterday I went shopping for a dress and shoes for Riley's school concert. Yes, I know, shocking that a teenager might wear something that her mom picks out. Actually, to Riley's shock, I did well. Anyway, I squeezed in a few minutes for me and went to Nordstom's lingerie dept looking for an alternative to the hospital muumuu, aka Johnny. Still, I don't understand that name Johnny for something that can only be described as a wardrobe malfunction. (I also went to Victoria's secret, but only found garments appropriate if I was increasing my breasts, not reducing them!) I couldn't find anything at Nordstrom that would work, but out of curiosity, I started talking to the saleswoman about prosthetics and bras because I had read somewhere that Nordstom works with women going through beast cancer. I learned that Nordstrom even bills most insurance companies directly for this stuff, but of course, not my insurance, Blue Cross. Nordstrom has someone in each store that is certified in prothesis fitting. The certified fitter and the saleswoman in training for cerification took me into a fitting room to show me all the stuff. It is quite interesting. Nordstrom carries a special bra and camisole to wear after surgery with removable pockets for drain tubes. They are made of soft cotton so that they don't aggravate the incisions, and designed so that you either step into them or snap front because you don't want to lift your arms. After surgery, the range of motion is limited. They have two pockets in the cups when you can instert little pillows called "poofs." I kind of chuckled when I saw them because they reminded me of something Molly would put under her shirt and prance around house, inciting laughter from all in view. (You might be wondering about the drain tubes...not so sure myself, makes me kind of queezy, but will find out more tomorrow.) She even showed me some prosthetics that looked a little, not sure of the right word, strange and interesting - it looks like a fake boob that you wear next to the skin, under a bra. Yikes, do I really want to go there? This was quite a learning experience, and I was very impressed with the women and lingerie department at Nordstrom!

Riley asked me today if I am excited about tomorrow. I think that I am more eager than excited. I have been in a holdng pattern for 4 weeks. I am ready to move forward, but am bit nervous at the same time.

Stay's just getting good.


  1. You know we will ALL be with you tomorrow! love.lynn

  2. Hang in there Deed. Had dinner tonight w/ Katie Cullen. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Love you very very very much.

  3. We'll be praying and thinking about you tomorrow, Deedle! Now go kick cancer's ass!! Love you, big sissy!

  4. And I do mean "sissy" as in short for sister...for those who don't know me :-)