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Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Watching...

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  I could tell that she was swirling in her own personal tornado.  I experienced the same personal weather event when I learned about my cancer.  It is a very strange feeling, and our conversation brought it back, even after two years.  It is like you are walking, but your feet can't find traction because you are a few inches off the ground.

After we talked a little, I discovered that her surgeon has been "watching" this growth in her breast for two years.  Her surgeon wanted to wait and see if the growth changes.  Her surgeon never biopsied this growth, until two years later, afater it blew up into cancer.  Would you believe that I have heard similar stories from other women?  As a matter of fact, my mom has a very good friend, who many years ago had the best care from a highly-regarded physician in Northern California, and he decided to just "watch her lump."   Guess what?  The lump turned into full-blown breast cancer that resulted in a mastectomy with horrible complications.  This make me crazy! 

Okay ladies....If a doctor says that he/she wants to "wait and watch" your lump or foreign matter in your breast, you tell your doctor to "wait and watch" as you walk out the door to find another doctor!  Demand a biopsy!  Demand to have it removed!  Biopsies don't hurt, and they don't take much time in comparison to cancer treatment. Insurance companies would rather pay for a biopsy and early removal than full-blown cancer treatments.  Thriteen years ago, before Molly was born, I demanded that a lump be removed from my left breast when the surgeon told me it was "nothing," just a calcified growth.  How can something be nothing?  Something is something, and it can turn into something worse.  My lump wasn't cancerous, but how does anyone know that it wouldn't have become cancer?  Ladies, doctors do not have crystal balls that can tell if something becomes cancer! (Although some act like they do.  Run away from these doctors!  Don't walk, run!) Take ownership of your care, and demand the biopsy and removal!  The only way that you can be 100% guaranteed that you will not get breast cancer from this foregin matter is by having it removed!  Period.

Deep breath, Keval.  Deep breaths.

Whacky thought for the day...
Why are the ends of bread loaves called heals?


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