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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hat Hair...

The worst part about skiing in cold weather is hat hair. Whenever I wore ski hats in the past, I begrudgingly was making a day long commitment. I could not remove my hat until I was stepping into the shower. If I should dare to remove the hat and expose my hair, I would make Phyllis Diller look like she had the most perfectly quaffed hair in America. The only way I could handle hats was when I was young enough to wear two french braids...those days are long gone. (Now people get helmet hair and forehead while skiing, but I haven't succumb to wearing a helmet. I'm still old school.) But with very short chemo hair, hat hair is not a problem. Bed head isn't even a problem.

Yesterday after shoveling tons of snow, I went inside to warm my bones and removed my hat to discover hat hair! My hair is now long enough for hat hair! Well, hat hair might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did have a few independent hairs standing awkwardly proud. My hair is a whopping 1.25 inches/3.2cm long. Yes, we measured it. The color is still salt and pepper - very salty in the front, more peppery on top.

The ultra short hair has garnered various reactions. The other day, while shopping in the grocery store, the gay Frito Lay woman stocking the shelves gave me a double take and started a conversation. I was flattered, said hello, exchanged some pleasantries and then moved on. However, if it was a good looking straight guy, I might have stopped and pondered over which chips to buy before grabbing a couple of bags... unfortunately, those days are long gone for me...not the chips, but the cute straight guy giving me attention. But, I can still dream.

It is crazy how many people like my very short hair. I am not certain it is the best look for me, especially the color, but the convenience is great. After a shower, I towel dry my hair and arrange it with my fingers. I don't even need a comb or brush. I tried brushing it the other day, and laughed out loud at myself. I think my hair was laughing at the brush too.

Whacky thought for the day...
Do you feel a bigger sense of relief and accomplishment after you finish decorating the Christmas tree and the house for the holidays, or, after the tree is down and all the ornaments and decorations are put away?

Whacky thought for the day #2...
Why do the gas companies charge 9/10 of a cent? Who are they fooling? $3.03 9/10 is the same as $3.04! Have you noticed that it takes longer to fill the tank as gasoline prices rise? The gas pump can only go as fast as the dollars and cents can turn. Now the gallons on the pump read to 1/1000 of a gallon! I purchase 16.728 gallons of gasoline the other day at $3.01 9/10 a gallon. That is a lot of fractions and decimal points. Can you imagine the gasoline attendant doing the math for the bill if it wasn't tallied for him?!

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