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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow...

Oh the weather outside if frightful,
And the fire is so delightful,
New stubble is beginning to show,
Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow.

Last week I thought I saw hair growing on my legs so I shaved them for the first time in three months. I might have been premature because they are still as smooth as a baby's behind. However, my head is beginning to show signs of growth. The top of my head is starting to look a little darker, BUT the sides in the front are coming in light - yikes! I am going to look like a reverse skunk - dark in the middle and gray on the sides! I am one of those that doesn't believe in gray hair, but coloring is not an option when it first begins to grow back. There must be some natural, organic, gentle hair coloring that I can use.

I was so cold last night that I wore a ski hat and ski socks to bed. Yes, I was very attractive. I guess if you bald gradually, getting cold at night from the absence of hair is not an issue. In middle of the night, my internal heating mechanism kicked in, aka hot flash, and suddenly the hat and socks sailed across the room.

My radiation rash itched so badly tonight that I thought I was going to lose my mind. It reminded me of the time my brother Roco, as a little boy, broke his leg, got a full leg cast, and then got chicken about itching that you can't scratch! (No matter how bad I feel, I know someone has it worse, so I shouldn't whine.) I just kept putting more and more radiation cream on it, and finally it subsided. Are you starting to scratch as you read this? You know, like when someone starts yawning and you begin to yawn too.

Whacky thought for the day...
Why is yawning contagious?

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  1. None of this is fun, that's for damn sure, but I've heard that radiation is the pits. Plus you're already wiped out from chemo...

    My hair grew weakly for a few months, then just exploded. It looked colorless at first too, but it came in quite dark. I expect you could use henna?