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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vertically Challenged...

I have the energy of a deflated balloon. For the last 4 our of 5 days, I could barely get out of a horizontal position for more than an hour at a time. I didn't know that my body could attain this level of exhaustion. I almost feel asleep while eating dinner! I wonder if all the weeks of sleepless nights have caught up with me, or if my body finally realized that it is going through chemotherapy. The good news is that I need less make-up to hide the dark circles under my eyes.

(Vertically challenged doesn't only apply to my energy level. I have been vertically challenged my entire life ... I'm short. However, I do not mind being, or being called short. The smaller the package, the higher the value!)

The prickles on top of my head are starting to evacuate my scalp and cover my pillow. I think it is tape time! I might try blue painter's tape to defuzz my head. I don't know if I am brave enough to try the New Mexico duct tape dance. I just hope I have enough energy to stay vertical long enough to finish the job.

Whacky thought of the day...
My brother, J, is a Grandfather!
His daughter, Morrigan (almost 28) had a baby girl on August 11.

Welcome to the family Evelyn Irene Blatsos. She looks exactly like Morrigan as a baby, and a McNamara, except for the Greek black hair.

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  1. Beautiful baby Keval..
    I did buy pink duct tape the other day if you want me to come over and do the job. You are in my thoughts and prayers.